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Periodontal Maintenance & Care
Dentist Hillsboro, OR

Diagram of teeth and gum cleaning.When your teeth are infected, chances are very high that it might cause gum disease, also known as periodontal disease. If the condition is detected early enough and intervention begins, you can help prevent more harm and keep the illness from worsening. If you suspect you have gum disease, seek medical help as soon as possible. Our dental team and periodontist at Cornell Dental have the expertise you require, and we will provide you with periodontal care and management for prime oral wellness.

How Does Periodontal Disease Affect Your Oral Health?

Periodontal disease affects the mouth's soft tissues. Infection of the gums is caused by plaque, a kind of bacterium. Bacteria build up in the mouth as a result of poor or no oral hygiene. Tartar forms when plaque hardens and thickens, making it difficult to eliminate. You must seek medical help immediately to initiate the treatment process, as failure to do so could result in tooth loss. Receding gums, halitosis, loose teeth, sensitive teeth, bleeding and irritated gums, red and swollen gums, and unpleasant biting are all symptoms of periodontal disease. Quick periodontal maintenance and care are required for successful diagnosis and treatment.

Checking for Periodontal Disease

Your doctor will use a tiny ruler to measure for pockets surrounding your teeth, and a dental hygienist will assess your gums for symptoms of inflammation. The pockets in a healthy mouth range in size between one to three millimeters, and the examination is painless. Your dentist will inquire about your health history and information in order to detect potential periodontitis dangers such as diabetes and smoking. An x-ray may be taken here by the dentist to identify any bone loss. We may then recommend you to a periodontist, a specialist in gum disease diagnosis and treatment.

Benefits of Periodontal Maintenance and Care

Periodontal maintenance and care get rid of the microorganisms that cause periodontitis by causing inflammatory responses. In individuals with gum disease, this is intended to keep all of the work done by scraping and root planing or periodontal surgery. The periodontist will determine how often you need periodontal cleaning and maintenance. The severity of the infection or gum disease will determine this. Schedule regular dental consultations with your dentist so that they can detect early oral problems and periodontists can assess your gum health.

Get the Help You Need Today

If you or a member of your family suffers from periodontal disease, we can assist. Our dental staff at Cornell Dental is prepared to provide your gums with the periodontal maintenance and care they require. We will do dental checkups and cleanings to remove plaque and tartar that has accumulated on your teeth. Call us at (971) 397-6196 and we'll treat your gum disease successfully and provide additional care for your gums and teeth.
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Periodontal Care & Maintenance • Dentist Hillsboro, OR
Our dental team and periodontist at Cornell Dental have expertise with periodontal care and maintenance for prime oral wellness. Give us a call today!
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