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Oral Cancer Screenings
Dentist Hillsboro, OR

Older white patient sitting in a dental chair calmly discussing his oral health with his female dentist.You must schedule regular dental visits to maintain optimal dental health. Some problems may go unnoticed for a long time before they are caught, without regular dental checkups.

Oral cancer is one of these conditions that can be deadly for anyone. To detect it in its early stages, you should have regular dental exams. Oral cancer screenings can be performed by our trained dentists during your routine dental exam at Cornell Dental. We use cutting-edge procedures and equipment to detect the disease early and prevent it from occurring.

Why Are Oral Cancer Screenings Done?

A doctor or dentist performs a physical assessment or evaluation of a client's mouth to check for symptoms or markers of precancerous or cancerous disorders. The test's main purpose is to detect oral cancer in its initial stages when there is a greater chance of successful treatment. Your dentist will normally assess your oral health during a routine dental visit to look for any symptoms of cancer. Your dentist may recommend further testing in some cases to detect areas of abnormal cell growth in your mouth.

Benefits of Undergoing an Oral Cancer Screening

Oral cancer and precancerous lesions that may advance to mouth cancer are detected early on with oral screening and therapy when the lesions are treatable or removed. Because no study has shown that oral screening saves lives, not everyone agrees on its advantages. The screening is more likely to assist those who are at a high risk of oral cancer. A history of sun exposure, which can cause lip cancer and mouth cancer diagnoses in the past, regular alcohol intake, and tobacco use, which includes cigarettes, pipes, and cigars, among other things, are all factors that increase the risk of oral cancer. The number of people diagnosed with cancer has recently increased, especially those with the sexually transmitted infection of human papillomavirus (HPV).

What to Expect During the Screening Process

The dentist will first inspect for white or red lesions in your mouth, then check for lumps in the tissues of your mouth, as well as the throat and neck. Extensive screening methods, such as the oral cancer screening dye, require a blue dye to be sprayed into the mouth prior to any examination. The abnormal cells may appear blue after being dissolved by the dye. The oral cancer screening involves flashing a light into the mouth during the inspection, prompting normal tissue to appear black and malignant tissue to look white.

Pay Us A Visit

Allow our caring team of specialists to do a comprehensive screening to confirm your oral health is at its best, can be accomplished by visiting us at Cornell Dental Please contact us at (971) 397-6196 or arrange a consultation our office if you have any questions about oral cancer screenings. It is important to detect the disease early so that corrective treatments can start. You can trust that you will be in safe hands when you come for an oral cancer screening at our clinic.
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Oral Cancer Screening • Dentist Hillsboro, OR
Oral cancer screenings can be performed by our trained dentists during your routine dental exam at Cornell Dental. Click here to find out more!
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