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Close up of a simple mouthguard being held up by an excited white womanMany people use mouth guards prior to going to bed because they grind their teeth while sleeping. Teeth grinding, or bruxism as it is also known, is a frequent ailment in which people grind or clench their teeth without realizing it.

According to the Sleep Foundation, bruxism affects from around eight to 31.4 percent of people. Migraines, tooth destruction, and jaw irritation are some of the indicators of teeth clenching. Our professionals at Cornell Dental can help you find the best night mouth guard, also known as night guards.

Mouth guards may also be used to reduce snoring and avoid sleep apnea. Whatever your reason for needing a night guard, speaking with a dentist will help you find the best option.

Symptoms of Bruxism

Many people suffer from bruxism without their knowledge but in the process of grinding their teeth, it can cause tooth fractures, headaches and jaw pain. Furthermore, it can lead to an inability to open the mouth and also increases wear and tear of the teeth.

Types of Nighttime Mouth Guards

If you require a night guard for a specific requirement, you have a number of options. Your doctor will be the ideal person to help you locate the correct fit that will solve the problem that is keeping you from getting a good night's sleep.

Stock Mouthguards

Stock mouth guards are the most widely available and least expensive night guards available to patients. They come in a variety of sizes, and your dentist will assist you in selecting the one that is right for you. The majority of night guards are designed to safeguard your top teeth.

Boil and Bite Mouth Guards

Boil and bite mouth guards are one-size guards designed to fit your mouth. You customize them to fit your teeth by heating them first and then biting them until they fit. The dentist will work with you to customize the night guard to your specific needs.

Custom Made Night Guards

The custom-made night guard is the third type of night guard. This can be obtained at your doctor's office, where a model of your teeth will be obtained and a mouth guard custom-made to fit your mouth and teeth perfectly. They provide a more comfortable and secure fit and is our preferred type of mouth guard.

Mouth Guards and Braces

An injury to the face can severely damage braces; if you already have braces, a mouth guard that is properly fitted is essential. A dentist or orthodontist can help you choose the best mouth guard to secure your teeth and gums.

Adjusting to Your Night Guard

For a simple adjustment to wearing a night guard one should choose a thin guard suitable for the comfort of your mouth. Make a habit of wearing it for at least four to six weeks. After this amount of time, it will be easy and will feel normal wearing it. It becomes part of the mouth.

Your night guard should be worn right before going to sleep.

Preserving Your Mouth Guard

Cleaning your mouth guard with warm water, detergent, and a toothbrush, then rinsing it with cold water, is essential for protecting yourself from germs. For air circulation and breakage prevention, store or carry a mouth guard in a ventilated container. If the mouth guard is acrylic, it can be washed in clean water. To maintain its shape, the mouth guard should be kept in a cool environment. A mouth guard should be regularly physically examined by our dentist for wear, tears and holes, and whether it is loose so that it can be replaced.

Acquire your Mouth Guard with Us

We here at Cornell Dental can assist you know how to wear and look after your mouth guard, whether you require a mouth guardfor the night to guard your mouth or you are unsure if your mouth guard is in good shape still. To discover more about mouth guards, call (971) 397-6196 to get more information or to schedule an appointment at our office.
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