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Toddlers and Tooth Brushing

Posted on 4/15/2024 by Weo Admin
Dentist and child learn how to brush teethParenting a toddler is so challenging, and there are millions of Instagram and TikTok posts about how crazy it can be sometimes. Toddlers are no longer babies, but they are also not old enough that you can reason with them. Toddlers start asserting their independence before they have been walking for long. If you are the parent or grandparent of a toddler, here are some tips to help them begin to take care of their teeth.

When Should My Toddler Start Brushing?

As soon as your baby begins to get their baby teeth, you can start brushing them. That way, your baby gets used to having a brush in their mouth. As your baby begins to walk and become a toddler, you can start modeling tooth brushing and flossing behavior to them as well since children learn a lot by imitation.

Giving Incentives

Because your toddler is becoming more independent, it is a great time to let them begin to make some decisions for themselves. You can let your toddler choose a toothbrush that they like. You may want to let your toddler choose more than one toothbrush because anyone with a toddler can tell you they do best when they can make choices, and there may come a day they do not like the first toothbrush they pick out.

While you and your toddler are in the store picking out toothbrushes, it is also a good idea to have them pick out a couple of toothpaste flavors as well. There are lots of great-tasting toothpaste flavors your picky toddler might like, such as cinnamon, berry, mint, bubble gum, and even banana.

Speaking of incentives, you might want to find ways to incentivize their tooth brushing. Some parents use stickers that their toddlers can pick out after they brush, while others have their toddlers work toward something bigger, such as a weekly reward.

Not sure how to get your toddler to brush their teeth? We can help. Why not schedule an appointment with our dentist today so we can help you figure out the best ways to get your toddler to brush!

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