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What Is Dental Avulsion?

Posted on 3/1/2024 by Weo Admin
A dentist holding a missing toothThe structural integrity of teeth is critical to dental functions, such as eating, speaking, and smiling. The teeth rely on the alveolar bone and gums for support. If, for any reason, your tooth dislodges from its socket, you might develop dental issues. Dental avulsion is a condition that occurs when one or several permanent teeth get displaced from their socket in the alveolar bone. Fortunately, you can save your displaced tooth by seeking immediate treatment from a periodontist or oral surgeon.

What Causes Dental Avulsion?

Tooth avulsion is often a result of dental trauma caused by a traffic accident or sports injury. It can also result from bicycle accidents, falls, and assaults. Trauma and significant force exerted on the face and mouth can cause your teeth to dislodge or get knocked out entirely. The good news is that a dentist can usually replant an avulsed tooth back to its socket.

Tooth Avulsion Symptoms

The symptoms of tooth avulsion include bleeding, dental pain, and gaps in the mouth. Other signs include damaged adjacent teeth, sore soft tissues, and facial swelling. You might also notice torn periodontal ligaments soon after the injury.

Tooth Avulsion Treatment

Treating tooth avulsion is often a medical emergency. It requires immediate intervention to save your dislodged tooth. Before visiting a dentist, clean the knocked-out tooth in warm water or milk. Refrain from touching the root to prevent contamination. Replant the tooth back into its socket and bite on a napkin to anchor it in place as you head to the dentist. A dental professional will examine the dislodged tooth and perform the necessary treatments to restore it. Sometimes, you might need surgery to replant the avulsed tooth.

Preventing Tooth Avulsion

Wearing protective gear is one of the most practical ways of preventing dental avulsion. Consider wearing a mouthguard and helmet when riding a bike or playing contact sports.

Contact Our Practice Today

Replanting an avulsed tooth requires the expertise of a dental professional. Contact our practice to check in for dental emergency services.

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