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Why Do Children Teeth Appear Yellow?

Posted on 11/1/2023 by Cornell Dental
Young boy in dental chair for first dental visit at Cornell Dental in Hillsboro, OR.Every parent's pride is seeing their child develop the first teeth. This milestone comes with its challenges, but the exciting part is the impact on the child's smile. With time, the baby teeth fall off, and the permanent ones take over.

However, you may notice a discoloration of their teeth. The appearance of a yellowish color on your baby's teeth can be worrying. While the yellow color can be a symptom of a dental issue, this is not always the case. Here are some reasons why children's teeth appear yellow:

Thin And Translucent Enamel

The permanent teeth enamel contains darker and more dentin than the baby teeth. The dentine is yellowish, which can make it visible. With the development of permanent teeth, your kid will have a large translucent enamel. This aspect makes it possible to see the dentin, giving the teeth a yellow appearance. Some families also have a thin enamel. If this is your case, you can expect your kids' teeth to appear yellow.

Poor Dental Hygiene

Plague will build up when you fail to care for your kid's teeth. The plaque can become tartar with time, leading to a yellowish appearance of their teeth. This environment can encourage bacterial growth and cause cavities. Yellowness of the teeth can be a symptom of cavities, tooth decay, or a serious dental condition. You can consider a dentist visit for a checkup if you think the discoloration is due to a potential dental problem.

Food And Drink Stains

Foods and drinks can potentially stain your kid's teeth enamel. Soda, coffee, tomato sauce, and lemons stain your kid's teeth, especially when taken frequently. If you do not brush their teeth, it will build up and change the kid's teeth hue to a yellow one.

If your kid has yellowish teeth, taking them to a dentist can help to understand its cause. Book an appointment today and talk with one of our pediatric dentists.

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