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The Relationship Between Dental Erosion and Acid Reflux

Posted on 8/7/2023 by Cornell Dental
The Relationship Between Dental Erosion and Acid RefluxThe correlation between acid reflux and dental erosion might not be immediately apparent, yet it represents a significant aspect of comprehensive health. In this light-hearted overview, we'll explore this connection and underline proactive, preventive measures.

The Underlying Connection

Acid reflux is a digestive disorder commonly referred to as gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD). It is the reverse flow of stomach acid into the esophagus and, on rare occasions, the mouth. This backflow can contribute to dental erosion, the process where the enamel - the teeth's protective layer - gradually wears away.

Deciphering the Impact of Acid Reflux on Oral Health

The intrusion of stomach acid into the oral cavity can lead to enamel erosion, resulting in changes in tooth color, shape, and heightened sensitivity. While this may sound challenging, understanding this interaction can pave the way for effective preventative actions and optimal oral health.

Preventive Measures to Consider

Regular brushing and flossing remain critical to a clean mouth and reduced erosion risk. However, waiting at least an hour after an acid reflux event before brushing is recommended to protect the softened enamel.

Certain foods and beverages, including spicy foods, alcohol, and caffeine, may trigger acid reflux. Modulating the consumption of these triggers can help manage acid reflux frequency.

Frequent acid reflux warrants a discussion with your healthcare provider. Several treatment options can help manage this condition, indirectly promoting oral health. Routine dental check-ups are crucial in monitoring oral health and identifying early signs of dental erosion.


The link between acid reflux and dental erosion underscores the body's interconnected nature. Recognizing this connection equips us to take proactive steps toward maintaining overall health. With informed approaches, the effects of acid reflux on oral health can be successfully navigated, reinforcing the journey towards radiant smiles and robust health.

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